Veet hair removal cream Review

Veet hair removal cream Review

This is my review about Veet hair removal cream for dry skin with shea butter and lily fragrance. I have used this cream for many years. So I thought I share my experience with this cream.

Veet hair removal cream Review

Veet hair removal cream Review


Veet hair removal cream Review


 Veet hair removal cream comes in a green colored pretty tube with a twist open green cap, which is very girly and cute.

Veet hair removal cream Review

Consistency and fragrance:

The product is white in color and smells chemical.

Veet hair removal cream Review

Direction to Apply:

➡Before using read precautions carefully.
➡Do the patch test before using this cream.
➡Apply a thick layer with the spatula to fully coat the hair, do not rub in it.
➡Leave it on for 3-minutes, strictly not to be used beyond 6 minutes.
➡Remove with a spatula and rinse with water thoroughly and then dry.


➡Effective in hair removal.
➡Easy to use.


➡I don't like the smell.
➡Less effective for hard hairs.
➡fully chemically loaded which I don't like.


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My experience with Veet hair removal cream :

I took a generous amount of cream with the spatula provider and applied it on my hands and left it on for 3 to 4 minutes as they said and did try to remove the cream. Honestly saying I applied two times on my hand to remove completely all my hair because this cream does not remove hair evenly. It leaves skin smooth and soft after using this cream. The hair growing starts back within 10 days. This cream was fully loaded in chemicals which I don't like. I recommended who want to use this product only use occasionally or if you are going to some functions. Don't use this cream once in a month or twice in a month because this cream may be your hands are dark due to its chemical.


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